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Hi , my name is Lester Maul.  After the last unbelievable election cycle and the reality of President Trump in the Whitehouse I am going to run for POTUS again in 2020, in the meantime since Sheriff Joe has declared his run for Senate my intentions are to get on the ballot myself. Maybe this time people will be more open minded about my qualifications, I'm not a billionaire or lawyer, but at least I'm honest.

The chances of winning are slim and I have no delusions about the difficulty of a campaign in this divisive political environment. Regardless it is exciting to deliver my positive, common sense message to help move this great country forward. People want solutions not partisan gridlock and corruption.

With the use social media, IT and YOUR help anything is possible. An entire campaign staff and organization will be needed by November 2018, but now is the time to start this grassroots social media campaign, let's make a difference!

It is also very important for me to stress the need for voters in every state to explore viable alternatives to  the present gridlock in Washington, check out INDEPENDENT candidates at all levels of government. Don't be fooled by the main stream media myth it takes a career politician or lawyer to be a leader...2018 is only a moment away and remember your vote counts.


while maintaining FREEDOM


Independent  for



        MAUL independent Candidate for   POTUS 2020



C          H         P

o       u       e

m      m       a

m       a       c

o       n       e

n        I


s         y





Equal Rights

it's in the

Bill of Rights

" We have the best government ...
                                   money can buy ! "

Candidate Skip Maul

Free or fresh critical thought along with common sense can provide the solutions needed to solve problems and fix them - the path in search of lasting world peace need not come to a dead end.